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Guest Information and About us

Guest Information


The guest may watch, test and use everything offered.
They have very limited rights in customizing the interface.
Streaming is only allowed via web player, the radio stations (live streams) are available.
A statistical summation of ratings, playbacks, etc. is only done from the account level User.

Registered users:

A user can stream in all variants, his ratings are recorded and evaluated.
He can customize his account and create his own personal interface.
Users can send messages to each other and use the shoutboxes.
They can share their playlists and act in joint karaoke sessions.
There are also playlist types that can be used in conjunction with various social media platforms.
Additional features, including an upload function, are available to the user.

Content & Catalog Managers:

They have advanced permissions to maintain and create content, playlists, and catalogs.
Applications as content or catalog manager can be sent by email to an administrator.


Due to the limited project budget, new users can unfortunately only be accepted in a controlled manner.
Guests use the registration link in the header of the page and confirm our rules in the paragraph 'About us'.
If the registration is successful, an inactive user account will be created.
You will receive an email as soon as it is authorized by an administrator.

Delete account:

This is not provided yet, please contact an administrator by mail regarding this.

About us


There was once a hunter-gatherer who was on fire for mixing and based his search on that.
At some point he lost track and began to specifically catalog the collection.
He found an expandable database in Ampache and later also used its streaming feature.
On the advice of some friends, he decided to launch the portal in 2023.
To improve usability, the database has been more finely structured and the portal interface has been modified.


The team presents here a selection of the collection, so special content with a uniform reference.
     IN : everything you need to make high quality mixes using the listed album artists
  OUT : official base material from artists, soundtracks like albums and singles, mashups etc.


We expect only appealing material complementary to the topic (see contents).
Public content that is inappropriate or unkempt will be deleted without request.
The presentation of new data should be done in the prevailing context (usability).


Videos are currently not transcoded, all sources are in MP4 format.
The average video data rate is just over 3000 Kbit/s.
MP3 streams are transcoded to a bitrate of 192 kbit/s if necessary.


The creation of this portal has already consumed enormous amounts of working time.
The larger part, the extension and maintenance of existing data, is still ahead of us.
[IMPORTANT] Support is appreciated, every 10 EURO donation helps ... see link on the bottom left.

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